A Subordination, Non-Distrubance and Attornment Agreement (SNDA) is an agreement between a building's lender, tenant and landlord that protects the tenant in the even of a building foreclosure. 

If no SNDA is in place, in the event of a foreclosure, the lender has the r...

Many times throughout my career, I have seen buildings increase their rentable square footage without making any changes or additions to the building itself.  How is this done?  

RE-MEASURMENT.  One of the oldest and most utilized tricks in the landlord book is to...

This morning, I read a news story about a major public company announcing plans for a nearly $2.5B investment in a new chemical plant in the Houston area.

When I decided to start this company, it wasn't difficult to know what I would name it.  It would be my family name, Pope.  

I have always been taught and strongly believe that a person’s name is the most important asset that they have in life. As the Proverb says,...

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